Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Day is Today?

Today is National Tell a Joke Day! Do you have a good joke to tell? Are you a good joke teller? Because it might be the best joke in the world, but if you are a rotten joke teller, then it just becomes that....a rotten joke.

So have a go at it...tell a joke. Make someone laugh! Here is mine...

There is this 75 year old woman...she has been married for 55 years when her husband up and dies on her.
Isn't too long before she starts getting lonely and decides to put an ad in the paper for a companion.
"Wanted a good looking senior man who is faithful, won't run around on me, won't beat me and is still capable of having great sex."
Well lo and behold, not more than two hours after the ad runs, her door bell sounds off.
She's a bit nervous, but nothing could prepare she for the shock of what was on the other side of her door when she opened it!
The man facing her said, "I am here in response to the ad you placed."
The poor woman found herself stammering and stuttering, "but, but, you have no legs"
"Nope," he said, "So I won't be running around on you!"
"But, but, you have no arms!" she cried.
"That is true madam. Therefore, I won't be beating you either," he explained.
"And what about the sex?" she asked.
"I rang the doorbell didn't I"

Ba da Bing!!!
Ba da boom!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Shutter Sisters, a photography blog I have always admired and loved, has a monthly project: "one word" in which photographers interpret the word through the lens of their camera .

Because I have just begun to blog again, I am so far behind, not only on writing, but also on reading,
catching up often finds me behind the eight ball. Therefore, I find myself thinking about the July prompt on August first. The word for July was "life". Life captured through the lens of my camera...


First Step

I did it....

I took the first real step. The step that included money and paperwork. Oh and a three hour test!

Yep...I did it!


What am I doing???? I can still bail. It will only have cost me $95.00 and three hours of my time.

NO! Damn it!

I have done bigger scarier things! I got divorced after 30 years! What is scarier than that!

Yep...I did it!

Well....only part of it.

There is still a whole lot more to do!

Stay tuned.....

I See You!