Monday, April 13, 2009

Catching Up!

Sorry to have been MIA...I have been busy lately, doing things for me...reading, quilting, taking pictures.

I have finished two quilts, one each for my girls. Fabric scraps that have been sitting around for as long as twenty five years...fabric that once was fashioned into sundresses for tiny toddlers with blond curls, rosy cheeks and lips that were sweet and kissable. How long ago those days were.

These quilts are not beautiful nor are they works of art. They are what they are...cloth stitched together to form squares that were then stitched together to form a larger square...a patchwork of memories. Something to crawl under on a cold night or perhaps to wrap around a newborn someday in the future.

I handed one to each of them this past weekend and together we walked down memory lane. Reminiscing about what pattern had been cut into what form. Some of the patterns and prints have no memory for them, for they were still cradled in my arms swaddled in the weave of the fibers. So it is up to me to form the visions for them.

I felt my eyes glaze over as I told tales of pink gingham, polka dots, and florals fashioned into ruffles, dresses, costumes, bonnets and bows. Recollections of Easters, weddings, Christmas' and summer days decked out in whatever was fresh off the Singer. Memories.....

Though the quilts are similar to the other in color and style...each is also crafted with the personality of recipient in mind. One is quilted with hearts, the other with symbols of music. For there is a daughter who's heart guides her through life and the other who always has a song poised on her lips.

It was with this sentiment I gave to them these creations of woven thread...for my girls, each is as different and unique as her is my heart and the other, my song.


Jean said...

Making quilts for a loved one is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be given.
It is good to know this completely American tradition is still alive.


Carmi said...

You've given them an amazing gift. I need to learn more about quilting. It seems like such a timeless way to share ourselves with others.

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