Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hook, Line and Sinker

The hubby went fishing a week or so ago. What did he catch you might ask?

That is a beautiful fly fishing hook stuck in his forearm. You can't pull them out and because it was buried so deep, there was no way he could tolerate pushing it through. What I would have done for a vial of lidocaine and a small syringe. But alas, off to the hospital we went for the 'emergency' removal of the fancy hook.

As we sat in the Nemo room ( no kidding ) looking at the lovely underwater murals of the clown fish and his friend, the Dr. entered and I again lamented not owning some lidocaine thus saving all of us this trouble.

He reacted rather interestingly considering he didn't know us from Adam. His response was,
"With the way things are going, it won't be long before you do."

I knew then, he was a physician who saw the demise of medicine, his career and the practice of healthcare as we know it. If Obama is successful with his healthcare plan, our individual choices in our medical care will end and so will many, many, many lives.

If you are concerned and feel the need to do something, check out this site: http://www.docs4patientcare.org/7301.html

Obama's administration has currently taken over the automotive industry, the banking industry, the tobacco industry and is now after the healthcare industry. When will it stop?

It won't stop until we get fed up, and quit swallowing the bureaucratic rhetoric and let the powers that be know we have had enough. I know I have...what about you?


Anonymous said...

I see a new growth industry emerging...home suture kits? Who will invest with me? Great post Lucy. I wonder how many other docs out there feel the same but are keeping quiet? The link speaks volumes. I am with you!


Photographing Mom said...

Ouch!! Too funny about the Nemo room.
Hope the injured is okay.

Definitely will check out the website!

Brigid said...

I lived in the UK briefly as a U.S. citizen on a work assignment there What I saw of their health system made me desperately hope that I never got sick. People pulling their own teeth because the wait to see a dentist was too long. People over 65 pretty much being "put out on the ice floe" so to speak, because no one would spend money for aggressive treatment because they were old. Give that chemo to the young unemployed immigrants.

It's only gotten worse.

Hope the hubby is feeling better.

I See You!