Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer On The Lake

This is my lake.
A place I go to find myself when I am lost.
A place to share with those I love and cherish.
A place of joy, peace, and Mother Nature at her finest.
Welcome my friends...
Come and share what I so enjoy

A day on the Lake begins with the sun cresting the horizon
Fire burns on the water
Orange fills the sky
Warming the atmosphere for adventures

There are fish to be caught
Boats to be paddled
Family and friends gather
To share the fun

Places to explore
Creatures to see
Watch carefully
You never know what you will see

The day ends
The sun sets in the western sky
Hues of orange once again fill the horizon
We have come full circle
It will all begin again tomorrow
You all come back now...ya hear!

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful. It makes me want to go out and find my own peaceful piece of real estate on a lake. Great collages. Thanks for sharing!


Lucia said...

Is that a dock spider???? Yikes, yes up north at the Lake is the best place to be during the summer!

American in Norway said...

Such beautiful pictures... now that is my idea of summer! : )

I See You!