Friday, June 27, 2008

The Path to Hell...

is paved with good intentions. This was one of my mother's favorite cliches. I was reminded of her wise words this week.

Picture this: Me and four, yes four, 14 year old girls having 'fun' for 3 days at the lake. A girl's get-away. Paddling, kayaking, going to the beach...bon fires, smore's, life lessons. Right...can you say insanity?

Here are the top ten things I had forgotten about teenage girls (mine are in their twenties):

1. They screech and scream at anything and they do it LOUDLY
2. They are nocturnal (I am not)
3. They are not happy unless they are surrounded by drama
5. They have no 'filter' and will say or ask anything, anytime, anywhere
6. They don't clean up after themselves
7. It takes them hours to get ready to go anywhere
8. When they aren't on the phone talking to boys, they are on the computer talking to boys
9. All they eat is JUNK!
10. They make me laugh!

While it was a long and trying three days with little sleep and lots of drama, and no I will not do it again, it wasn't all bad. They had fun and I put another paving stone on the path to hell.

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