Monday, January 5, 2009


Today's HSMSHS prompt is "Beginning" and since I have already posted a picture several days ago I titled 'beginnings' I shall take this opportunity to pontificate. Aren't you lucky!

Beginning....a great word to consider as the new year has just begun and we, the thinkers of the world, tend to look upon this time of year as a time of new beginnings.

We say goodbye to the past year, hoping for better things to come. We make plans for better bodies, better jobs, better minds, better loves, better lives, better better better.

But as with a beginning, there must come an end. I find myself somewhat melancholy over the end. Another year gone...another year older.

I struggle sometimes with what to celebrate...should I celebrate the beginning of the new year? Or should I celebrate the end of the one just gone by?

The pessimist would celebrate the one gone past and the optimist would celebrate the beginning. I compromise and celebrate both... I guess that makes me a Possimist!

As the old one ends and this new year begins, I give you this: Respect the past, create the new and live well though it all!


Photographing Mom said...

I like your Possimist!!

Gez said...

Great words indeed.

Thank You for sharing them. I was sad to see the year ending & didn't celebrate. I lost my mum suddenly last year & now nothing seems the same.

Your words struck a cord or two!


Igotmebabe said...

Great words of wisdom, I think I may be a Possimist too:) Love your header picture.

Sue Nicholson said...

I am not a lover of New Year. I find the stress to join in and be seem to enjoy myself far too stressful!!!

I like a quiet celebration. I do feel sad, yet ANOTHER year has passed but then at midnight I feel a hope build up inside for a new fresh start :-)

So, may I join your Possimist group? :-)


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