Friday, January 2, 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Beginnings

Sunrise on my Lake
New Year's Day
What a way to start a new year!
"We will open the book.
Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."

Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Lily Hydrangea said...

awesome skywatch! Happy New Year.

Walker said...

Lovely picture Lucy, sky is on fire. Thanks for sharing.

Müge said...

This is one of the most beautiful photos of this week! How lucky you are to start to the new year with such a beautiful scene! Happy 2009! :-)

esnorway said...

Nice pic and good color happy new year

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year Lucy x

The Arthur Clan said...

What a fantastic way to start your day and your new year! Absolutely stunning.

Arija said...

What a prtent you were given for the new year. An absolutely magical sky! What colour, what beauty!

Kathy said...

beautiful!! Looks like the sky is on fire. Those colors are unreal!

Chris T said...


I See You!