Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am So Developed I Can Barely Stand Myself

Yesterday the temperature in my city reached a negative 10 degrees with wind chills hitting between -30 and -40 degrees. All the school districts were closed except mine...we did not have a student day. We had a 'professional day' scheduled. Classified staff (of which I am one) are required to attend two per year.

We sign up for various one hour classes all day long with the intent doing our jobs better and of becoming better employees. I want to do a better job and be a better employee...don't we all. So I signed up for the classes I found most interesting:
  1. Healthy relationships
  2. Natural energy boosters
  3. Food in the fast lane
  4. Anti-aging

Oh yea, I work in the library and with kids who have difficulty with math. There were no courses that had anything to do with either of these subjects. So here is what I took away from my professional development yesterday:

If the district wants me to have healthy relationships with my co-workers, have lots of energy, not eat fast food and look young, then don't make me get out of bed at the crack of dawn (thus losing sleep, (robbing me of my energy and aging me), on a day when it is f***ing cold, drive through Tim Hortons for tea and a donut (oops caffeine and refined sugar a BIG no no), increase my stress because I am running late, (ever heard of the negative effects of cortisol on aging, energy and relationships?) to be professionally developed.

And if you are going to do so, please find something that pertains to my JOB!

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