Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hunger Moon

The February full moon

It is known as the Hunger Moon or the Snow Moon. The native tribes named it such due to the amount of snowfall that usually falls in February and the difficulty that causes in hunting for food.

No snow was falling the night I took this photo. But pangs of hunger were gnawing deep within me. Funny thing was, I had eaten that day. I need something other than food to quell the pain
within me...nourishment comes in many forms. What nourishes you?

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Brett said...

I've not been by for a few days, a combination of good weather and bad work, but your tone seems a little down. As a stranger, a foreign stranger, a male foreign stranger at that, i am probably not best place to offer help, but, life does have a way of just rolling on, what can seem like the end of the world will eventually be just a part of your history. No matter how you cope with it, it will be in the past at sometime, knowing this can give you the power to decide how you let it effect you.

I See You!