Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture This...

A beautiful sunny are sitting in your car enjoying a diet in a neighborhood park on your lunch hour. A red-headed woodpecker has just caught your eye as it bobs up the side of a tree looking for its lunch. Suddenly it takes flight toward a wooded area where your eye is drawn to the ground just at the tree's edge where there appears to be another kind of nature taking place.

Your brow crinkles as you can't quite wrap your head around what you are seeing:
"Is that the naked bottom of a child?"
"Did that woman just pull a leaf off that bush and wipe that little girl's hind end with it?"
"She is not using a stick to dig a hole and bury poop...Oh no she is not!"
"Oh my god, she just wiped her hands on her pants and the little girl is going back to play on the equipment with no panties on...I am not seeing this!"

Oh, and get this...the woman never put the phone down through the whole event!

The things you see in the park on a sunny day.....


Anonymous said...

Oh Crap! No was crap. You lead a most interesting life. How do You constantly see these things You see? The description of the mother is so realistic. You made us feel like we are there.

That's why there are no pictures this time? HA j/k


Michelle said...

I've seen worst then this while living in FL. Why is it that tourists do things on vacation that they would not do in their own community!

It's not as bad since moving in IL but geesh FL was sure eye opening.

Thanks so much for listing my blog in your sidebar. And sorry it's taken me so long to say THANKS!

I See You!