Friday, May 29, 2009

Snapshots 1

I walked among them this past weekend. They were tall, short, thin, fat, young, old, clean cut, scruffy. I considered myself lucky and felt very honored to be there.

Some wore hats to identify where they had been. Others had medals pinned to their chests. But they were all there for the same reason: to honor those who did not come home with them.

I stopped a few and asked if I could take their picture. I was never turned down. I had conversations with complete strangers. But felt like I had known them a lifetime. I walked away awestruck and humbled.

These men, they came from all walks of life to serve a country they love. I swelled with pride, as I too love this country and am forever grateful for what they have given me: FREEDOM

Retired USMC
Over 37 years of service
Two tours of Vietnam
Both Gulf Wars
Beirut when the barracks were bombed
Still teaching our soldiers today


Jean said...

God bless him!

Photographing Mom said...

Great post!!!

Brett said...

Great post great picture great men.

Rita said...

If you're interested in an "ordinary" Vietnam vet story, check this out.

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