Monday, July 20, 2009


I had a comment appear on a post from this blogger who calls himself Willie Dueright. I didn't recognize the name so I clicked on the profile to see who this stranger might be.

I was immediately struck by a sense of familiarity. The kind that stirs your gut. Are you who I think you are? Am I that friend you wrote about? Is it you, my friend who drops the one line in my email box every year. In fact, it was just yesterday I read it again...for I am another year older.

I am taken back some 30 plus years...yes it has been that long. To a time of teenage dreams and adventures both exciting and fraught with pain. We had much fun. Do you remember the time we went horseback riding and were so sore we could barely move the next day?

But then there are other memories both of us would rather not relive. Then again...didn't those things make us who were are today? And I think it is okay for us both. There have been struggles yes...but mostly life has been good for us both.

I am glad you are writing...write more. Write from the heart. You are and always were so expressive. Tell us your who beat death twice. I am anxiously waiting.

If you remember, I was always one of your biggest fans.

and if it is not you...ignore the rantings of a madwoman

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Willie Dueright said...

I am, you are, I do, and I will. Thank you.

I See You!