Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Twilight Zone

The conversation in her comment section went like this:

Lucy: "While I too am opposed to Obama's plan and have written about it on my blog as well, I take offense to this line in your post:"unintelligible, surly GED graduates" (Blogger's name omitted), I am one of those GED graduates you refer to. I'll admit that sometimes I am surly...but I am rarely unintelligible. I don't get your need to be snarky. With that line, you put down an entire population of people who made an effort to right a wrong and continue their education when whatever reason or circumstance stopped them previously. Again, snarky isn't necessary...its just mean. But if the shoe fits......:

Blogger's Response: "Lucy - Not every high school (or for that matter, college) graduate is honestly interested in continuing their education after they get a diploma and I daresay not every GED graduate is either. Props to you for doing so, but Lucy, have you ever been to the DMV? Seriously? I'm surprised some of them managed to finish GRADE school.

Lucy: "You missed the point...but I am not surprised."

Blogger's Response: Lucy - This is so funny. You come on my blog, get offended by something that wasn't even directed at you, and then call ME names. Do you work in the DMV? Did I say "all GED graduates"? No? Then I was clearly not referring to you.You seem to come here just itching for something to get your panties in a twist over. Something that you can relate to your own life so you can feel righteous when you declare, "I am so offended! Me me me!" People who act this way usually 1.) are slightly paranoid, 2.) have no sense of humor, or 3.) are completely self-centered. So, guess what? My blog is not about you or your own personal triumph over hardship. Sorry.

I refuse to continue this pointless exchange on this person's blog, as she only continues to miss the point. The point is this: Why does she feel the need to put down, name call, demoralize, bully etc. people on her blog? This is not the first time I have seen her do this and in fact I removed her from my blog roll for just that reason. She is not interested in constructive dialog when opinions differ. It is only hers that is important. That is fine...it is her blog. But why the need to be downright mean?

And she is right...why do I go there? Good question. I just had hoped for change. Oh shit...I really should give that up!

It seems to me she gets some kind of personal satisfaction from putting people down. I don't know...must be a self esteem issue. Not to be guilty of generalizing, just wonder when you have been disabled most of your life if it messes with your head.

I wouldn't know...I am just one of those lowly GED graduates who totes a gun (cuse I'm paranoid), throws down a few PBRs before breakfast, and wears a wife beater with my best camo BDUs. But damn that gravy stain...anyone got a stain stick? After all, it is all about me!


Anonymous said...

My kind of woman.
Educated and Armed!

Photographing Mom said...

Hey, what kind of gun do you pack? I'm looking in to buying one, but I want it small and light and easy to use. :)

I See You!