Friday, July 10, 2009


Do you remember that five note jingle? We all sang it at one time or another and we have all eaten this wiggly dessert in one form or another. I find it hard to believe there is a person out there who has escaped a molded jello dessert during a family holiday meal.

Jello...some of my favorite memories are centered around it. I remember in fifth grade we had an assignment that encompassed teaching the class a lesson on how to do a task from beginning to end. I taught my classmates how to make orange jello.
Jello...I still make a dish at Thanksgiving and Christmas that my mother always made...grated carrots and fresh oranges gelled in orange jello. Ummmmmmm. I make it, no one eats it. It's a tradition I can't let go of.

Then there are those jello shots. I have not had the pleasure but my husband has. His fortieth birthday. He was the first to leave...I am told they 'sneak' up on you.

I filled many a trash can with empty jello boxes when my kids were little, filling their fists with jello jigglers. Do you moms remember those? I made them with juice instead of water making myself believe I was giving them a more healthy snack!

Jello wrestling? Also don't have first hand experience with this. Sounds sticky...but I am sure there is a You-tube of it out there if you are really interested in seeing it.

Oh the things you can do with Jello. Anyone else care to share some memories?

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Lynn said...

My grandmother made a dessert... I think she called it crown jewel cake but it wasn't a cake at all. It had little cubes of jello of several different colors in jello mixed with something that made it opaque, whipped cream maybe (?) I think she used cherry jello for that part because it was pink. I don't think I've had that since I was about six years old. I should try to figure out how to make it sometime.

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