Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Friend....

She hurts tonight. Her heart is heavy and she is weary. I want to wave my magic wand and take all her pain away. But it was this friend who once pointed out to me, "your magic wand is simply a toy and the sooner you embrace reality, the better your world will behave".

She isn't a kill joy, this friend of mine. She deals in facts. She has had to, as everyday since her now 26 year old son turned three, life has been one challenge after another. This summer has been particularly difficult. Imagine making the decision to have a large part of your son's brain removed...for his own good of course. At what cost?

Uhhh..."well we will have to wait and see. But odds are good he won't suffer too much brain damage and there is a good chance it will stop most of his seizures....yeah, I can't even begin to consider what they went through. But they did, her and her husband, and they did it with grace, strength and dignity.
That was less than two months ago. Today....

Her Gram, dear sweet Gram, is dying. Some would say it is not a tragedy for Gram is 97. She outlived her husband, a son in law, a granddaughter.....a very long life, a good life, a great family. But the tragedy lies in the heart of my friend. My friend who loves her sweet Gram and will miss her terribly when she crosses to the other side where Gramp will surely be waiting.

It will be then, I will get that damn wand out and wave it with everything I have in hopes there is just a teeny tiny little bit of magic in it, just enough to ease her pain bit. Is that too much to ask?

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