Friday, July 8, 2011

Dropping In

Funny thing to do isn't it...dropping in on your own blog. I was surprised I even remembered how to log in. Now mind you, I had to try a couple of times before I got the right password. But I did and now here I am. To what end?

I think about going back to writing often. It isn't as though I have stopped. I do write...I just do it with a pencil and paper now. I find what I am writing these days is so personal and sometimes not the most uplifting. I am somewhat afraid to share it with the world. Baring the soul and all...

My life has changed so drastically in the last nearly two years. I often use an amusement park to illustrate how I picture my days. There was a time I felt like I spent most of my day riding the roller coaster with an occasional sojourn upon the painted ponies, spinning mindlessly in circles, hypnotized by the sound of the calliope. Fortunately, my days are now spent with more time upon those brightly painted ponies and less on the chaotic, speeding, heart pounding roller coaster. But those changes are still hard to embrace.

I would like to come here more often. I would like to make a habit of it. I would like to begin writing again...writing things I want to share. I would like to share again...the good things that are happening. And there are many.

I would also like to share some of the difficult again. I found so many friends here. People who were empathetic, sympathetic. People who were always there with kind words and wisdom. I always appreciated that above all else!

So I will try. I will try not to be a guest on my own blog. I will try to be here often. I will contribute what and when I can. What can it hurt? Perhaps it might even help....

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Rita said...

Still here. There are still people who wonder. Life isn't always great, but sharing what is and what isn't help a little, doesn't it?

Go ahead. Share away.

I See You!