Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tough Week

I sit here on this lovely Thursday evening just simply spent. Utterly and completely exhausted. My body is aching and my mind is spinning out of control. The aching body courtesy of lifting a 44 pound boy all day (story on him later) and my mind whirling at tonadic speeds due to decisions made, decisions to make, and events to face.

Since I don't have the energy to dig a hole big enough to crawl in and I can't find a rock big enough to pull in behind me once the hole is dug...I think I will go get ice cream. Ummmmm, Jeni's ice cream. Maybe a pint of goat cheese with red cherries, or sweet corn and black raspberries, or peach buttermilk. Ah what the hell...I am going get one of each, sit in the middle of the floor with all three pints and a single spoon!

Things are looking better already!

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