Monday, December 8, 2008

HSMSHS - Decoration

This is one of those reasons I take the camera everywhere I go...a picture taken in a store where the tree was decorated with sugar coated gumdrops on a string. Unfortunately, they were fabricated out of some kind of plastic! What decorations are you putting up this year?


Sarah said...

Lovely decorations - I know my kids would try to eat them though even if they are plastic. Fletch once ate Josephs arm from a cake decoration before we realised it wasn't marzipan!

Good on you for taking your camera everywhere - I need to get braver, I still feel very self-conscious carrying my camera even if it's just my compact...I'm such a wimp!

canadacole said...

Beautiful decorations--too bad they're plastic. Even I'd be tempted to take a bite!

Keep carrying your camera everywhere. I need to start doing that too.

Gez said...

Congrats on a fantastic shot.

They do look lush & good enough to eat.

Louise said...

what a great idea. love your post from yesterday too.

Brigid said...

beautiful picture. I think if I had a chain made out of Brach's spice drips I'd eat them before Christmas.

My decorations are simple. Some old train stuff, a couple of wreaths and a nativity set that was my Mom's.

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