Friday, December 19, 2008

Reality Check?

I am 47 and I'd like to think I don't look my age and most people seem to agree. Well now it has been confirmed.

The daughter and I were getting some, wake-us-up-libations, the morning the hubby was having surgery at the hospital cafe. As I finished paying, the daughter was snickering.

"You just saved $.33," she said.

"I did? How did I do that?" I inquired puzzled.

"You got the senior citizen discount." And she walked away laughing louder than Santa Clause.



Jean said...

Me paying for a movie ticket, "Can I get the Senior Discount?"
very, very, very young theater employee, "I already gave it to you."

I feel your pain.

(You and I both know we should be getting carded for adult beverages, however!)

Sue Nicholson said...

Argh!!!!! Daughters, they hold no punches do they!

And, Jeans comment! :-(

Not liking this "box", society is trying to put me in, one little bit :-(

Anonymous said...

Oh well, at least it saved you some money. Kids huh.

Brent Greer said...

Trust me, I feel your pain as well. I bought some dress shirts at a local discount but good quality big box retailer about a year ago. As I am checking out the clerk says "I went ahead and gave you the discount." I just mumbled, "okay thanks" and walked out what she was talking about. Until I looked at the receipt. I had received the senior discount. Making the mistake of telling the tale back at the house, my daughter still laughs each time she sees me in one of my "senior citizen" shirts (as she calls them). Still, 15 percent is 15 percent......

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