Saturday, December 20, 2008


I love being a woman and I thought I would leave the show somehow reveling in the fact that:
I OWNED A VAGINA! I thought I would be empowered and somehow stronger by watching women talk about what was great about having this muscle that helps to define who I am. I was so wrong. I hated the show and so did Angel.

The show seemed to take all that was negative about my female orifice and exploited those things. Rape, abuse, incest, etc. The only part that was entertaining was the funny names people seem to come up with for that one body part: hoo hoo, coochie, winkie, and the all time favorite pussy.

And that is why we are here folks. You were wondering weren't you.

The word 'pussy' originally was used to refer to women, but now is frequently used as an insult toward men, as it is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "showing a lack of courage or determination".

If you are of the same mindset, I ask you to reconsider. In the words of my dearest Captain Du Mon Parfait and his new paramour, "any orifice that can stretch to many times its' normal size, pass a 10 pound kid through, and still be entirely suitable for carnal pleasures is truly an organ to be reckoned with."

So the next time you are considering insulting someone by calling them that five letter word that refers to a woman's anatomy, remember the power of the pussy. If it is an insult you are looking for, you need to pick another word. Because if you call them a pussy, you are not insulting are actually giving them the ultimate compliment!

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Jean said...

Ha! Damn straight, gal :-)

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