Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Butts and Little Britches

What a week it has been! Hurricanes in Ohio, extended power outages, daughter-in-law wrecked her car, husband's second opinion of shoulder replacement concurred, and death of a man I loved. At times I thought sitting and picking the lint out of my belly button seemed like a really good time!

Life is slowly returning to normal. Of that I am glad. Routine if good for me. This blog has become part of my routine. I missed it terribly when my power was out. Not just the writing...but also the reading. Keeping up with those I consider my friends...those I have listed on my sidebar and beyond.

In fact, before I began my own blog, I was a follower of several others...a groupie of sorts. I read these blogs daily, sometimes looking several times a day hoping for more postings as I was so enamored by the writings of these individuals. And when I began my own blog, those were the first links that went on my sidebar. I followed them religiously.

But now I find myself faced with a decision I am saddened by. I am going to remove one of those links.

I have followed the said blog for quite some time. I have enjoyed the writings and most of the posts. I share many, but not all of the same ideals of the writer, hence why I read the blog. But lately something has changed about this writer and there is no other way to say it: the writer has become to big for it's britches.

I don't have a problem with being proud of one's self and one's accomplishment's and one's beliefs. What I have a problem with is engaging in name calling, hateful condemnation, rudeness, judgemental diatribe and just plain ugliness when someone else chooses to disagree with you.

The world is made up of people with differing opinions. Blogging can be that much more interesting when we entertain those opinions. We don't all have to agree, what a boring world it would be if we did. But wouldn't if be nice if we would all just try to get along? I know, just a pie in the sky ideal...but forgive me I am still reeling from death.

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Brent Greer said...

I know the blog to which you refer and now note that it has been removed from your sidebar. I have the anonymous feature active in my comment section because there are people who are not Blogger users, or those who feel the need to write anonymously. As long as they have a coherent argument to make, I will engage them. I only censor spam. All other comments are approved. I think turning off the anonymous function is a severe over-reaction, and a little juvenile, especially when accompanied by the rant that went with it.

Its as if the blogger cannot take constructive criticism. And the criticism was valid and this blogger had no response other than to say "I'm turning off the anonymous comment feature." But no response to the query at all. A pretty kneejerk reaction. Interestingly, or sadly, mob rule ruled. And lots of folks gave the blogger an "attaboy" for turning off that feature. But no one questioned the questioner's comment. No one. Not even to take it on.


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