Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Back

Power returned around 6:oo pm on Wednesday, September 17th. We were without electricity for 75 hours.

My state and particularly my city, endured what is being called the equivalent of a level 1 hurricane on Sunday and not a drop of rain fell. The damage to our area was unbelievable.

We fared well. Some of our neighbors did not. Several houses up the street sustained damage...trees through the roof, on top of cars, down in yards. No one was hurt and that is good.

I have not been to work yet this week. Tomorrow is up in the air. I will know sometime around 6 am tomorrow morning.

Thanks to a good friend, we had a generator. I cooked on a Coleman stove. We lost a minimal amount of food.

I have some issues with the way my city handled things...but I am tired and my heart is heavy. It doesn't seem like complaining is appropriate right now.

I am glad to back my friends...I missed you.

Here are a few shots of our neighborhood to show you what has been going on.

Believe it or not the only thing damaged was the gutter!

The road ends here!

Those tree limbs are through the roof

That's a car under there!


Epijunky said...

I'm so glad that you and your neighbors are safe.

In Ohio we have over a million people without power still... We were VERY lucky. All we got was some water in the basement.

Epijunky said...

You're in Ohio. I forgot :)

Igotmebabe said...

That's a lot of damage, I hope it gets cleared soon and that nobody was hurt

Chris T said...

That must have been a very scary experience - glad to hear that the damage around you was minimal

Sue Nicholson said...

Such devastation . . . we often forget that although nature is truly beautiful it can also have devastating side effects :-(

Hope everything moves forward quickly for you.

Sue :-) from HSMS

MP said...

We had 60 mph winds for about 5 hours here. Not as bad where I live, it's mostly corn and not a lot of trees. In the city to the east, lots of people without power. Almost no rain though, which was really strange.

Glad you are OK.

I was up your way two weeks ago, ate at Sullivans Pub in Lakewood, always a treat.

Drove past my old house, always feels strange to see other people in nit.

I See You!