Monday, September 1, 2008

Manic Monday - IRON

Ode to IRON

I once was feeling very low
So I went to see Dr. Joe.
He said, "No wonder you feel like crud,"
"You have IRON poor blood!"
He exclaimed, "Here, take these pills,"
"They'll cure all of your ills!"
So the Dr's. advice I followed
And the pills I swallowed.
Now, my blood is rich indeed
With the element I need...

A piece of advice...If you're chewing a lot of ice...check your iron!


Epijunky said...

As an anemic girl myself, I can appreciate this :)

Can I talk you into composing an Ode to B12?


Travis said...

Really? Ice-chewing suggests an iron deficiency?


lucy said...

Yes indeed...I chewed it like a fiend before my problem was solved. No is a fact! Check this out:

Lucy said...

another anemic lucy?? what are the chances!
cute poem!

TopChamp said...

Did you write this just for Manic Monday? It's cool! Poetry's a talent I don't possess.

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