Sunday, September 21, 2008


As we head into the fall and November gets closer, my thoughts are increasingly muddled regarding my vote for president. This isn't new to this particular election...though certainly exacerbated by what I consider to be mediocre choices within both parties.

I cannot declare myself conservative nor liberal. On one issue I am conservative...on another I am liberal. I am passionate about several platforms that the elections seem to hinge on and unfortunately those issues are split by the parties: Religion, Choice, 2nd Amendment, Gay Rights, Medicine, Taxes, name a few. It makes it difficult to vote a straight ticket.

I still have what, about six weeks to figure out what I am going to do...who I will vote for. I have even considered not voting at all...not a choice in the end.


Sue Nicholson said...

You and me both!

Not to vote is a wasted vote. I don't know your US history but here women fought for that right, and I believe we must never take our right for granted.

Sue :-)

lucy said...

You are right Sue...we women in the US have had the right to vote less than 100 years and to disregard it would be a travesty! Thank you for stopping by.

john conlon said...

hey (name censored), we should get together with the whole crew sometime. i have new political crap whine about. wanna?

if we did we should all pay for ourselves cuz i felt bad making you spend that much for a loud-mouth know-it-all like me.

You don't have to approve this comment. it wouldn't make sense to anyone else anyway.

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