Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lucy Is On Hiatus -- Under Protest

"A power failure is a current event...."

This is one of Lucy's friends. She wanted me to pass along that she would love to be writing, really LOVE to be. But she is temporarily off the air.

Her state, and particularly her community, were hard hit by remnants of Hurricane Ike that blew through over the weekend. Several hours of 76 mile an hour winds took their toll on thousands of century old trees, roofs, you name it.

She has been without power since Sunday afternoon. A borrowed generator is keeping the refrigerator running, but hooking up the laptop didn't get her anywhere -- internet service is down. In her words, she is "hanging on by a thread."

As Lucy's readers know, she is an educator. Just outside her school, several large trees and a telephone pole crashed to the ground. The media says the tree, electric wires and the phone pole will be there, and the major state highway that runs in front of her school, closed "until further notice." Just announced: Her school will be closed for a third straight day.

On a lighter note, she says she's not sure which she misses more -- blogging, or her blow dryer.

Lucy is hoping to find room at an internet cafe. When she does she'll say "hi" and teach us about urban survival.

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