Friday, November 21, 2008

The Apple of My Eye

The guest writer today on Shutter Sisters is Jane Maynard. She speaks of the beauty of food. While I have had my own experiences with food, it is not mine I would like to is my son's.

It is he who is the culinary artist in our family. Our oldest makes his living taking Mother Nature's raw product and creating that which delights the eye and nourishes the body. His clients pay handsomely for his talent and are rewarded with delicacies that dance upon their tongues.

Here is just a sample of his talent...I hope you enjoy (and wipe the drool off your chin!)


Anonymous said...

Looks more like art than food. Incredible!Did You take these photos?

lucy said...

I cannot take credit for the food or the photos...but I can take credit for birthing the man who was responsible for both!

Sue Nicholson said...

WoW! Truly a wonderful talent your son has :-)

I love the expression ". . . dance upon their tongues" I feel sure that will stay in my head and one day I will pull it forth, use it, maybe even think I was unusually creative in writing it. I'll not remember where I first read it and the author of it. For that I apologise now. Oh to have the memory I had twenty years ago.

Here's hoping that today finds you much improved.

Tale Care . . . Sue

I See You!