Monday, November 17, 2008

Thumbs Up(date)

Many of you were so kind and empathic about the injury my daughter sustained to her thumb recently. I wanted to update you on the healing progress and thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

Healing it is. The stitches came out about a week ago and the wound has closed up. She is very sore, as you can imagine, but is expected to regain full use of her thumb. It will take a minimum of two months to do so.

She is bothered by the pain of course, due to the broken bone beneath the thumb nail. She is also bothered by the very funny sensations she experiences as the nerves are trying to regenerate. The joint is very stiff and she is having difficulty bending it, but that should resolve. All in all things have gone well.

I shall never forget the sound of her voice that night. I shall never forget the feeling in my stomach when I saw her injury. And this was just a lucky we were.

Day before the stitches came out


Igotmebabe said...

That looks soooooo painful

Anonymous said...

I agree with igot....that DOES look painful. Clever play on words in your title!


Shawna said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! You have such beautiful skyscapes. And I'm glad to see your daughter's thumb is healing. I come from a family of wood workers and yet trips to the er never cease to surprise(and scare!) me. I hope her thumb only gets better from here on out and that window gets a good talking to about manners.

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