Sunday, November 9, 2008


The headlines read:

Slain Dad Taught Boy, 8, to Use Gun

What it should say it this:

Boy 8 Kills Dad For Unknown Reason, Investigation Continues

But there is no headline in that is there? It is just not sexy enough.

The story is not in the fact that this boy was taught to use a gun. That has nothing to do with his reason for shooting his father. And by the way, what eight year old does not know how to pull a trigger on a gun be it a toy or not?

This story is not about guns. This story is about what could have been so wrong in this young boy's life that he would even consider shooting his father in the first place. Why aren't the reporter's focusing on that? Why aren't they digging into the "calls of domestic violence at the Romero home in the past" and including that in the article?

My guess is this kid was a victim of his own environment and finally got tired of it.

And the authorities are pushing to try him as an adult?

Are you F***ing kidding me?


Epijunky said...

I saw that and had the same reaction.

BobG said...

As usual, the media is making the gun the criminal, and the father the accomplice for owning one.

Sue Nicholson said...

The world is f*****g upside down. It's worrying that no only has this happened but that the media uses it to sell papers rather than report straight facts. God help us . . . please :-)

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