Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lucy Is Hospitalized For Pain

This is a friend of Lucy's with a report. She got through her surgery okay. The "insidious bone spur" is gone, and the docs have used their high-tech dremel tools to grind off other unnecessary pieces of bone in the shoulder region. Most importantly, the rotator cuff was not torn. Overall, the procedures went well.

But . . . (and as Lucy is fond of saying, "it is a big but") . . .

She has been admitted to the hospital for pain management. Because of concerns from the medical staff, she agreed ahead of time with their recommendation that a nerve block be performed during the procedure. The purpose, essentially, is to deaden any feeling in the entire arm for a number of hours, post-op. This was to help get through the roughest period -- immediately following surgery. During this time frame, she was told, pain likely would be most intense.

The block did not work.

She is being treated tonight for this issue. Complicating things a bit, Lucy doesn't react well to anesthesia and is having problems with nausea.

Bottom line: Please keep Lucy in your thoughts tonight. No danger to her life, but the "discomfort" level is very, very, very high.


Epijunky said...

Thank you for keeping us updated... I'm praying for her quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Geez girl, get better soon!


Jean said...

They better take good care of you or they are going to have a riot on their hands!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy, sending you lots of positive energy x

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh Hun :-(

How awful for you. Excellent upside but really rough downside.

OK! I had the block. It didn't work, I could still move my fingers and feel the bed sheet. I waited an age for it to work during which time I had an attack where I couldn't breath. I have no idea if this is anything like you went through, it scared me half to death. I then had a full anesthetic and morphine. Boy was I ill after. So I tell you the above because when I say I feel for you . . . I want you to know that it comes from deep within my heart.

I truly hope that the effects are now working their way out of your system. Be kind to yourself, this can take more than a few days.

How wonderful to have a friend to put up this post :-)

If you ever come over here I would love to meet up with you :-)

I am off to bed. Hopefully to sleep :-D

Will be back tomorrow.

Sleep well. Be kind to yourself, you are human, not a machine. Afford yourself the same "luxuries" you would afford others, why shouldn't you?
Take the time you need to get well.
And above all set those goals :-)

Good morning . . . Sue :-)

I See You!