Saturday, November 8, 2008

'Sensible' CHANGE

Not surprisingly, just before and now after the election, many gun stores across the nation are seeing an increase in sales of both firearms and supplies. I will even admit to stroking that particular part of retail on this past Monday.

Many of us "gun enthusiast's" are concerned that once the new President-Elect and his Democratic counterparts take office, there will be CHANGE...yes our existing firearms laws.

Now these wonderful new leaders would have us believe that they would be looking to CHANGE the existing laws to reflect more 'sensible' laws. After all, CHANGE is good, right? And we all want 'sensible' laws right? defines it as "having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment". Who could argue with good sense and sound judgement? Synonyms for 'sensible' include...intelligent, prudent, rational. Again, who could argue with gun laws that are intelligent, prudent and rational? Not me!

I look at 'sensible' gun laws like 'sensible' Shoes...yes Shoes. Now stay with me.... My mother always told me to wear 'sensible' shoes. Well what are sensible shoes? Depends on who is doing the wearing now doesn't it?

This was my mother's idea of sensible shoes:

This is my idea of 'sensible' shoes!
My point...'Sensible' is a subjective term that means something different to each person who is interpreting it. I wear those shoes with just about everything...jeans, dresses. skirts, capri's. I wear them until the snow flies and I can't stand the cold on my toes any longer. Is that 'sensible'? Some would say no. I might stub my toe, break my ankle, catch cold or subject myself to a plethora of other dangers from the wearing high heeled shoes.

But I sure don't want some dimwitted law maker legislating what shoes are 'sensible' any more than I want them legislating what laws are sensible when it comes to the freedom to protect myself and my family and what tools I choose to use to do it with.

By the way...those heels are pretty deadly looking aren't long before you think they are classified as lethal weapons?


Brigid said...

Wish more women thought like you.

But we will do with the future what we can.

I live in boots, they're not as pretty as yours but I like them.

I've noticed an increase in the anti gun media. One that I particularly noted, just days before the election was "innocent trick or treater gunned down by assault weapon".

The media failed to mention that the user of the gun was a convicted felon, that he legally couldn't posses the weapon and the house in question was a drug house.

Sarah said...

Can't comment on guns - we don't have them here and I'm quite comfortable with that :)

I'm with your mother on the shoes though!! My husband calls my shoes 'special needs shoes' and wonders 'how do you attach the braces?'!! I once heard Cybil Shepherd say that a woman gets to a point in her life where she has to chooose between ugly shoes and ugly feet.....I'm going to have the best looking feet in the nursing home ;)

Sue Nicholson said...

Love how you have put the point across here. Very clever and definitely hit home.

I don't know anyone who owns a gun and I have never seen one for sale. I really want it to stay that way.

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