Monday, November 17, 2008

A Shutter Sisters Manic Monday Combo

Today's Manic Monday word is Season and Shutter Sisters is lamenting the beginning of winter when the cold and bleakness that is the season finds us burrowed in our houses with nary a picture to take.

When the deary wet gray weather is upon us here in the midwest, I find my house takes on a new smell. It is the smell of the outdoors. The smell of burning timber, soot and ash. It is the season when logs are burning in the fireplace at a rate that is constant.

The fireplace in not very is more for ambiance than warmth. I sit in front of it so close, my clothes are in danger of combustion and my skin is so hot it is nearly painful. But this is the season that warmth is hard to come by and the colors of crimson, orange, and yellow have left the landscape and this is where I find these things I so crave....warmth, color.

So I hole myself up in my home and I create this sea of flames in the concrete cavern of my wall and once again dream of a season when Mother Nature's landscape will provide me with her palate of colors to shoot and the sun will warm the terra firma.

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Travis said...

There really is nothing like a fire in the grate. I like your description of the search for warmth and color.

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