Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 3 - Bandages Are Off

Can you believe those three little holes have caused this much trouble?
I feel better overall today. The pain is not as insidious as it has been. It is mostly painful when I move...of course I am being encouraged to do so as much as I can. Do you know how hard it is to move something that hurts? I cannot lift my arm off the bed by its own power...I must assist it with my good arm. It is still very swollen and heavy.
I did shower on my own today and even managed to help cook dinner. I ate a bit of it too! It seems I am moving forward. I plan on going back to work on Monday. When I say that, my husband just laughs at me. It's good to have goals isn't it?
I can stretch the pain pills out to six hours if I am being still. The antibiotics are beginning to cause other 'problems'. Still not convinced I should have done this! I guess time will tell.


Epijunky said...

I don't doubt that the little holes in the picture are causing you so much grief... The real work was done on the inside you know. :)

And I'm suffering from problems of my own thanks to antibiotics. Not fun.

Hang in there honey, I have a feeling you'll be grateful you did this in a week or two.

Sue Nicholson said...


I understand a little of the pain. When my shoulders are bad I lift my arm up and place it against the "wood around where the door goes", (time here 3.44 am so that's my excuse ;-) and gradually move closer to the frame, yep that's the word, and "walk" my hand up. The support it gives is wonderful and as you climb higher day by day you can see an improvement. Hope this might work for you.

We are so alike! I too am very independant . . . I like to think it's a good thing . . . not always sure it is!!! 24 hours after my hand op I dressed myself despite a huge heavy cast . . . took me ages . . . but I did it ;-D

Goals are great. It is important to have them BUT it's good to be able to shift them and not feel like you have failed. There's a saying "Aim for the moon, if you don't reach it you will fall amongst the stars". Remember that :-)I don't always do :-(

Take the pain killers. Pain is the worst absorber of energy. Energy is what will get you better :-)

Time will tell. 18 months on, yep the right thing for my life BUT for me . . . well lets just say it made me stop, look around and although that is a wonderful opportunity be aware it may also can be very unsettling.

On my way down :-)

More {{HUGS}} Sue swotting up to be a tour guide :-)

Sarah said...

My goodness, I just had a catch-up, what a horrible time you've had. Hope the pain subsides soon and you get your mobility back quickly xxx

Jean said...


Don't push it, Lucy.
Steady she goes :-)

I See You!