Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 2 = update

WOW...this has been like nothing I have ever experienced and I gave birth to a nine pound baby!

I did get a bath and my hair washed in the kitchen sink today....but other than that have not done anything.

I am resting in bed and taking pain pills about every three hours...that is about as long as they last. I still can't think about eating anything more that toast.

I am trying to drink but that is tough. The idea of anything in my stomach makes me ill. The problem with that is...the pain meds lower my blood pressure and I need the fluids to keep it up. Before I left the hospital I was given 1000cc of fluid because my blood pressure dropped to 88/54.

The bandages are to come off tomorrow. That should make movement a little easier or at least less confining. The pain makes nothing easy...breathing, coughing, sleeping, moving etc.

There is one good thing...I can sleep in my bed. There is nothing like your own bed when you don't feel good.


Epijunky said...

Well, I'm glad you're home at least...

I've thought about you this week. I know that it's little consolation, but hang in there.

Sue Nicholson said...

Now I totally understand that first comment, and mine were both tiny babies!

I used a straw to drink my fluids, hot and cold. It really helped to have sips rather than gulps and, of course, I didn't need to lift the cup or glass.

Oh, yes, your own bed. It makes you wonder how people recover in hospital. Seriously!

I really hope that this pain has eased considerably.

I am so sorry it has taken me until now to catch up. I am OK but my hand is in a splint!!! I have been unwell since returning from my weekend away . . . things have slid but I am making inroads in to getting back in control.

And so down again :-)

{{Hugs}} Sue

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