Friday, November 14, 2008

Creative Photography - Shiny Balls

Click photo to enlarge (you won't be disappointed)
In The Looking Glass

Reflections fascinate me. Is what you are looking at the reality or the image? If I had cropped this photo would you have known you were looking at a reflection in a giant mirror?


Roger said...

I just checked out the big version, WOW! that came out so great love the chrome orbs with trees in the background, nice job and thanks for your submission!

Anonymous said...

shiny indeed! gret post entry lucy! those balls have sharp details on it.

April said...

I looked at the enlargement too. This is a magnificent photo - really nicely done!

david mcmahon said...

Nice work, Lucy - I didn;t realise that it was a reflection.

Re: your question about the blog cloud. It's a fairly old widget, but I find it very handy because it lists EVERY post on a given subject.

If you leave your email address as a comment on my blog - and then remove the comment immediately. This means no one else will see your email address except me - and I can help you with the blog cloud set-up.

Patti said...

Wonderful photo. I also didn't realize it was a reflection.

Good luck in Roger's contest!

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