Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ending or Beginning?

This morning was like so many others. Somewhere deep in my sleep filled mind, I register the sound of clicking clacking toenails on the floor. I find myself drifting close to consciousness as I know it will only be seconds before I feel the familiar pounce of an eight pound Yorkie upon me. The dogs are up, they too are early risers.

Today I am in no mood to begin the day with the sunrise. So unlike me. I am the one who rises with the sun. I revel in watching the day begin anew...the sun ascending from the horizon painting the sky with a palette of orange, pink and gold. This morning the colorful hues of the sky hold no magic for me. When my charges have finished their morning routine, I cast mine aside and seek the comfort of my bed.

What is wrong with me, I wonder, as I drift back into a fitful slumber. I force myself out of the nest that is my bed some two hours later. I chastise myself for I am no more rested than I was before...I have only managed to lose two hours of the last day I have on my beautiful lake. And then it hits me...the last day on the lake.

I am to leave tonight to return to the real world. I am entering back into the microcosm of reading, writing and arithmetic tomorrow. I will be leaving my lake and all that it brings me. The peace, the quiet, the serenity. No wonder I wanted to bury my head under the pillows.

There is something about water that soothes my soul. Living on this lake this summer has been joyful. I have seen mother nature at her best and been awestruck by her beauty. I have loved, laughed and played with family and friends. I have treasured quiet times with the man I love (though we have not had nearly enough). I have to remind myself of how fortunate I have been.

While the summer is over...the memories are forever. Many are recorded in images that flash across this very computer and others that hang on the wall. And though we won't be here everyday, we will return on the weekends to see what changes the lake has to offer...for that is one thing that is constant about this lake, it always changes. I guess it isn't unlike life, for it too always changes doesn't it?


david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the visit and the comment. I rise with the sun too!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

over from David's authorblog...
he is spot on...and likewise is oyur blog...very poignant and thought provoking...

thank you, l will return..

saz x

I See You!