Monday, August 18, 2008

Manic Monday is multi-blogger meme that uses words to tap into that creative side of bloggers. Every Friday a new word with multiple definitions is posted at It's A Blog Eat Blog World

Do whatever you want with the word using one of the definitions, post it on Monday and then link to the site. Look at what others are doing and they will come and see how creative you have been too. Here is my first attempt: This weeks word is 'wax'.

Bear with me as I wax poetic...

Night after night I watch the waxing moon break the horizon. The soft yellow glow bounces off the water. But it is that extraordinary night I wait for. The night the beautiful lunar body rises above the trees and casts its fiery reflection upon the lake. The night it is no longer waxing, but at its pinnacle of fullness...the night that happens once a month and then is gone as quickly as it came. A night that means nothing unless it is shared with someone special.


Gayle said...

Very nicely done.

dot said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy,
I can only say that You have fully captured the feeling of watching this beautiful sight. A sight that only comes once per month, and something that You have to go out of your way to pay attention to. Too many people people take a moonrise for granted. Especially a full moon. It is great that You are paying attention and recording what You see for all of us with your photos. Thanks!

I See You!