Saturday, August 16, 2008

Was it a Birthing or a Whelping - You Decide

and some people too

Do you know why you've never witnessed it before Director Darwish? BECAUSE IT IS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! Women are not supposed to have litters...dogs are, cats are, rabbits are...NOT PEOPLE!'

And without the help of drugs, you wouldn't have witnessed it. I didn't know that fertility drugs were now being used for gender selection. Aren't fertility drugs supposed to be when INFERTILITY is a problem?

And to the family of these children: what if these babies had all been female? I'll bet the abortion alternative would have been a fine option. Your religious convictions would have been a second thought. Just pray for forgiveness and everything is okay...right?
And God's will...let's talk about God's will. Do you think for one second God thought it was a good idea for you to take drugs to increase the odds that you would have a litter of babies, putting each one of those children at risk of death due to premature birth? Furthermore, what do you think God thinks about your plan to use fertility drugs to increase the odds of having a son...don't you think he frowns upon your distaste of girls?

So now you have the son you wanted, four of them in fact, and a half a dozen daughters too. Dad's a farmer. I wonder how equipped you are to support 10 children on a farming income in Egypt? Oh that's don't have to worry about milk and diapers for TWO years...the government is supplying them.

How lucky you are...I couldn't afford to buy milk for my babies so I did the old fashioned thing and supplied my own. And disposable diapers? Are you kidding me? Ever heard of cloth diapers and plastic pants?

I resent stories like this. I don't begrudge women who need help conceiving through the use of fertility drugs. Medical science has made possible what at one time was impossible. I celebrate that.

What I don't celebrate are the premature infants that often live months in incubators, hooked to numerous lines and leads, subjected to painful procedure after procedure, day after day, month after month, often to lead lives with permanent disabilities. I also don't celebrate those families that birth their litters and then collect all the free goodies and handouts because suddenly they are famous because they had all these babies at once. If you're gonna birth them on your own! I did!

Am I being too judgemental? I have been accused of such. I was lucky, I didn't have problems with fertility. I gave birth to three healthy children and I did so one at a time. We supported our children by ourselves through some pretty lean times. We asked no one for help and we weren't offered any either. We did what we had to do. That is what we all should do!
PS...sorry, I had a bad day!

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