Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Over the years I have received some good advice from my attorney friends. One of those tidbits involves secrets. "If two people know, it is not a secret unless the second individual is dead." But I am not talking about THOSE kinds of secrets.

We have all been to that picnic where the casserole is stupendous and we exclaim, "Oh, can I have that recipe." 'I'm sorry," we are told, "it is a family secret." A family secret? And then dear old Aunt Millie dies and takes that stupendous casserole recipe with her and no one else will ever taste it again. Maybe St. Peter will like it as much as the rest of us did.

Or Uncle Pete and his special way to tie off his fishing line. I guess it works really well and he is the envy of all who see him do it. But will he show anyone how to do it...nooooooo. Well guess what? Uncle Pete is in the ICU with a bum ticker. Guess he will be taking his special fish tying technique with him to the pearly gates. Hope there's a lake there for him to fish in, cause the rest of us are shit out of luck.

So my point folks is this...you never know when you might step out in front of that bus and end up with tire tracks across your back. So if you know something special and/or other folks envy your skill or talent, don't be so selfish...SHARE IT!

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