Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Monkey Business Here....

As Japanese reporters descended upon the Ishikawa Zoo we were the only ones to get an interview with the now infamous 42 year old chimpanzee, Ichiro:

Reporter: Mr. Ichiro why did you feel it necessary to stage your rooftop protest?

Ichiro: We animals at the zoo are tired of the conditions. It is just damned hot. We need air conditioning!

Reporter: But a rooftop protest? Even though Japan has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, didn't you know they would bring out the big ones?

Ichiro: Guns, schums...did you see the way I jerked that gun out of that clothes wearing, upright walking, homo sapien's hand? If I had held onto it I would have shot him and everyone else right in the ass. Then it would have been naptime for bonzo!

Reporter: Mr. Ichiro, your protest came to an end when your keeper offered you a banana. Does that mean your terms were met?

Ichiro: No, it just means I disarmed the bad guy and it was time for dinner. I will work on the rest another day.

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Brett said...

great post, love the link to the video

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