Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Scary Black Gun

7-14-08 2:05pm Update! Not to be a braggert or to have a swelled head...but I must correct an error in the scores I noted below. If you do the math correctly (I did not do the original math), you get a combined score of 423 out of 500. This changes the percentage from 83.25% to 84.6%. Thank you Mr. Greer for bringing this to my attention...back to school CdmP, the math teacher wants to see you!

Each firearm I have shot is an experience unique unto itself. Like us, each has an individual personality and I have been very lucky to have personally gotten to know many kinds of personalities.

There are those that I have loved, a Ruger 1022 fully automatic with a suppressor...when I pulled the trigger, shot after shot gently leaves the barrel with a small 'piff'. And those I have not enjoyed so much, a Colt 1911, man did it bite!

Yesterday I got to know yet another personality and I am in love! I had the time of my life and I owe to a very good friend I fondly refer to as Captain Du Mon Parfait. He invited myself and another good friend Mr. Brent Greer, who some may know as the author of 'The Ready Line', to the range to take part in an M1 Garand clinic.

Even though it was a Garand clinic I shot an AR 15. I shot one of those scary black assault rifles and I loved it! The best part though...I was reasonably good at it.

We shot four stages at 200 yards:

1. Prone 20 shots slow fire 200 points - scored a 181 (1 10x)
2. Prone from standing 10 shots rapid fire 70 secs. 100 points - scored an 87
3. Sitting from standing 10 shots rapid fire 60 secs. 100 points - scored an 87
4. Standing slow fire 10 shots 100 points - scored a 68 (HARD)

Overall score was a 333 out of 400. Not bad for a girl who has never shot this gun, this course and using borrowed equipment. Just think what I could do with a little practice and my own stuff!

I think I might have a new hobby...high power shooting with a 'scary assault gun'. Better get the bucket and the mop, I think I might cause some tears to fall when I beat some of those seasoned shooters!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I shot a 283 my first time and had been shooting for quite a while

DirtCrashr said...

Damn that's good, breaking 400+ at the first outing. You just skipped right past Marksman and went straight to Sharpshooter. - 450 is Expert. You shoot better than me, congratulations, dammit! ;-)

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