Monday, July 7, 2008

A Vicodin Rant

I am sick of it...damned tired of hearing it...had it up to my eyeballs...I have just read the words 'common' and 'sense' one time too many and I want to throw up! Maybe it is the vicodin, but I don't think so. Vicodin usually makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

It is the favorite phrase of the anti gun lobby...'common sense' gun laws. You know the kind of laws that make you and me completely defenseless...that kind of 'common sense'. Well Mrs. Brady and all the rest of you sniveling, whining, wimpy people, take your 'common sense' and those laws you think defend me and shove them up your A**!

In my mind, common sense is prevailing and the ball is rolling in the right direction after the Heller victory. A great example: Texas is looking at legislating concealed carry on campuses. What doesn't make sense about that? No more sitting ducks in the classrooms. Now that's common sense.

The more I understand about common sense...the more I understand. there is nothing common about it!

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