Monday, July 28, 2008

Through the Eyes of a Child

It was a very busy weekend at the lake. Lots of family dropping in...daughters, boyfriends, friends and friend's boyfriends. Also along for the ride was our surrogate four year old grandson...perpetual motion, constant noise and a mess everywhere he went.

Boys will be boys

There is something about having a child around that makes you look at things differently. Maybe see things a bit closer...stop to look awhile longer...listen a little closer...laugh a little harder and definitely smile a whole alot more.

I was reminded this weekend, as I watched the world through the eyes of this young man, of something else Randy Pausch said, "never lose that child like wonder."

You should try looking at life through the eyes of a child every now and then...the world looks a whole lot different...maybe a little brighter...even when you are sitting in brown lake water.

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