Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Words #2

Words...they are powerful. We can speak them...we can write them...we can read them...we can put them to a melody and sing them. Words touch us to our very core. They have the ability to make us laugh. But often they make us cry. Words bring us happiness as well as sadness.

Words can build us up, allowing us to feel as if we are standing on the highest mountain. Or they can tear us down so far that the bowels of hell would be a step up. Words can make us or words can crush us.

Words...they are powerful. And their power grows exponentially when they are propagated from malevolence and dispersed to the masses. Often the damage done by those words, whether written or spoken, is irreparable...hearts are forever broken...lives forever ruined.

I am not a golfer...but today a headline caught my attention: "John Daly blames coach for ruined reputation." Not sure Daly needed any help, but that's not my point. What is my point you ask?
Did John Daly's coach mean him ill will? I don't know...but I do know this: John thinks so. And his coach (or ex-coach) just spoke a few words.

I suspect many do not respect words today and do not measure what leaves their oral cavities before they speak or the end of their digits before they type. This is especially important today as with the information highway, those words are out there FOREVER!

There are individuals who intentionally use the power of words for no other purpose than to destroy, to cause mayhem and to deliver pain. They are the miserable individuals who envy those who use the power of words to enrich the live the others...the poets, the songwriters and maybe even the bloggers! Hell, maybe they are just miserable with themselves!

This dynamic quote from Rudyard Kipling says it all, "Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind," and I intend to use them carefully, thoughtfully and with respect. I hope you will do the same.

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