Thursday, October 16, 2008


Something troubling happened in my building yesterday. One of my students became so overwrought, he walked out and went home. He did this unbeknownst to any adult staff member. In fact, no one knew he was missing until his father called to tell us he was at home.
More than troubling I would say.

In defense of the teachers who did not account for was early in the day and attendance was not yet out. But still....

At the core of the matter is not the fact he was unaccounted is the reason he left. This young man, a gentle soul...not very bright, somewhat immature, a bit different, but mostly kind...has been the target of some pretty nasty middle school boys. And yesterday he had had enough. He walked. He went to a place where he felt safe...home.

We have a zero tolerance policy in our building...I really don't even know what that means. I assume there will be an 'investigation'...the antagonizers somehow punished. Maybe a detention or a Saturday school. There will most likely be a lecture about, "how would you feel if..."

But what of his pain? Who will address that? For it seems this has been going on for some time. This young man will carry with him for life the words of the bullies. He will remember forever the day he left school because he could no longer tolerate the abuse of his peers.

I don't think bullies are affected by detentions and Saturday schools. I don't think they care about lectures and 'how would you feel'. I think bullies only understand one kind of language...their own. And I know I am not being politically correct when I say this: I think bullies need some of their own medicine to cure what ails them...a good ass beating.


Shannon said...

I live in Missouri and bullies are so much a fore front in lives right now. We have anti-bulling law for the internet now. I am glad he is safe but hate that bullies have forced him to that.

Epijunky said...

I'm the mother of an eight year old... He's the most gentle, tenderhearted little guy you'll ever meet. He's very intelligent, he loves his friends like there's no tomorrow.

And he's been picked on so much in the last year and a half that a few days ago he came to me and asked if he could switch schools.

He's eight. And he wants to switch schools. To leave the school where his few friends are.

Why do they pick on him? Because he has a speech problem that he goes to therapy for.

It infuriates me. It makes me dream up horrible ways to torture these little bullies.

I hope that something is done for the student at your school... My heart goes out to him.

Greybeard said...

School is not the only place bullying happens. The bullied have a choice...
Continue to be bullied, or take a stand.
It takes strength, but taking a stand has to be the way to go.
It commands respect.

Cool Hand Luke.

Sue Nicholson said...

Hear! Hear!

I have no idea of this lads age . . . life's lessons can be damn hard indeed and often without obvious reason.

May this boy grow through his experience with the help of those who care.

May the bullies get a good arse kicking. Maybe someone should tell them if they actually end up in prison etc one day that it's very true what they say . . . never bend down to pick up the soap . . . give them something to think about being so macho and all that!

I See You!