Monday, October 13, 2008


HSMSHS prompt today is autumnal. Autumn...I have written of it in the past. It can be a melancholy time for me. But this past weekend had it's moments of glory. The weather was skies, gentle breezes and temperatures that Goldilocks would have delighted in.

Autumn on the lake brings about colors of browns and reds and oranges in all hues and shades. As the leaves on the trees begin to change, the grass fades from green to brown, the crops in the fields turn golden it seems the landscape around me is not one I have known.

On the lake the spatterdock is thinning, the birds are migrating. And there are new colors to be seen floating by. Colors of green, brown and gray in patterns that seem to meld with the world around it.

Men dressed in the same strange colors...handsome dogs standing in the oddly painted boats. Ah...another sign of autumn! It is hunting season. The sound of shotguns in the distance is distinct and exciting. I wonder if they were successful.

Oh but today...they are tucked in just 100 yards or so off our dock area. I could sit and watch with the binoculars. I could hear as they called to their prey. I could see as the hunter put his shotgun to his shoulder and aimed. I could see the shot hit its mark. I could see as his well trained black lab entered the water and retrieved the bounty taking it back to his master with wagging tail.

It is like watching a beautifully choreographed dance. Everything must come together with perfect is amazing. I so want to be part of this dance. I want to yell across the lake, "come get me...let me play with you. Teach me how to dance with nature the way you do." But I know the sound of my voice will be lost across the water.

So I am content to be a live vicariously through them.

Autumn....colors, sounds, smells...............................

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