Saturday, October 4, 2008

Uh Oh...Leaning to the Right

Conversations in a teacher's lounge can be as varied as the palette of a color wheel. We are a diverse array of individuals. Although most would think the collection of us is a more left leaning group...not necessarily so in my building. We talk about everything and the conversations would give most people pause.

It was during one of those conversations that I was left somewhat stunned. A conversation that began innocently enough but has me examining a core belief. A belief I never thought I would ever waiver on. One I never thought I would compromise.

But I am standing back taking a look from a different direction...just looking at this moment mind you! No decisions have been votes cast. I am still no closer to a decision than I was before.

I am at odds with this election...not finding a clear choice in the two men who are running. Neither represents what I consider a hands down option...both failing to equally support those issues I find important to myself and my country.

However, this particular conversation with a person I think who is intuitive and wise, has me wondering about my stand and what is important.

We were talking about the current financial crisis facing this nation and that conversation segue wayed into what has happened to this country since 9/11.

We both agreed that this country has seen catastrophic financial changes that never would have been realized had there never been a 9/11. That we are a nation so changed by those cataclysmic is impossible to even hypothesize where we would if terrorists had not descended upon our nation.

But they did and we are forever changed because of it, we concurred

It was at this point she looked at me with eyes so intense and a sadness that spoke volumes and said, "For me this election will be about National security. It is so important that I am willing to sacrifice Roe v Wade." Then she walked away.

I was speechless. Sacrifice Roe v was ringing in my ears like a thunderclap. How could she even consider taking the chance of voting into office a president who would for a second consider taking away this right?

But once my ears stopped ringing, I began to think about what she said and the conversation we were having. National security...terrorist attacks. And I knew I needed to do some more soul searching. I knew I needed to ask myself more questions. But did I have the answers to them all? I don't think I do...but who does?

I ask myself if I can consider putting into office a president who would for a second consider taking this great nation and put it at risk for the carnage we saw on 9/11? I ask myself what is the most important platform facing this nation and what is the most important issue on which to place my vote? Certainly national security is right up there at the top.

But to take the chance to give up something fought so hard seems like a step backwards. If given this chance, I have to ask, what will the government take away next? much to think about.


Arija said...

A journey starts with the first step, a dictatorship starts with the rescindingg of one bacic right.

lucy said...

How right you are!

Sue Nicholson said...

Not the same but I have similar issues here.

We are a much smaller country and completely surrounded by water. We let anyone in . . . ok not anyone but to us who are British nationals it sure looks that way.

We have policies that give out benefits and medical treatment almost at the drop of a hat. Here's an example, Polish worker works in our country and gets benefits for his family living in Poland!!

As for the current economic situation my family is bang in the middle, too rich not to be bothered and too poor not to be worried!

Good luck . . . it's refreshing to hear someone else will stand back and look at their beliefs closely instead of going with the "I have always voted for x and will always to do irrespective".

Sue :-)

I See You!