Monday, October 20, 2008

Stepping Out of My Mind

Though life is throwing me some challenges lately and keeping my mind in places of unease, I was able to get out on Sunday and enjoy an activity I have not taken pleasure in in over a year.

We used to be avid GeoCachers...but life got in the way. Buying the lake house, and then some computer issues with Vista incompatibilities and such didn't help! So the GPS just sat idle and the bag of trinkets we had collected to trade with hung in the closet. Our goal of finishing all 80 counties stalled and no new states were added to our map.

With the sun shining on a cool October day...we found ourselves with good friends once again in search of those elusive treasures hidden in places found only with the help of a GPS.

The smells and sounds of fall...leaves crunching under our feet, the ratta tat tat of woodpeckers drilling for bugs in hollow trees, smoke from the nearby campground, squirrels chattering above our heads as we disturb the hunt for their winter bounty, odors of damp rotting wood returning nutrients to the soil.....

It was a good way to side track this overburdened mind.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Rediscovering a past passion is so rewarding :-) I don't do this but Rach, What Now, from HSMS does and is truly hooked :-)

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