Sunday, October 5, 2008

Education v Mis-Information

For years as a certified firearms instructor, I taught personal protection courses for people who wanted to learn to use firearms as a means to protect themselves. I also taught Refuse to be a Victim crime avoidance courses for those who were not comfortable with using a firearm but wanted strategies to keep themselves safe. I also taught the Eddie Eagle program to young children who may find themselves around a firearm. I think I have established my credentials.

I find myself reading several different blogs where firearms are the main focus, or blogs where people have questions about firearms or personal safety and are reaching out to the blogging community for answers. Oh boy, am I troubled.

I have read some of these blogs and find myself shaking my head. Firearms are objects of instant lethality and should be treated as such. Concealed Carry Licenses are issuance's of responsibility and should not be waved around in bars. Giving advice on altering a firearm used for concealed carry is just plain dangerous!

The Internet is a powerful tool. If you do not have the proper credentials to give advice on something that is as important as someones life, don't do it. You might cost them theirs.

A firearm is not body jewelry. Though admittedly there are some gorgeous guns out there. It is however, nothing more than just that if you do not have the proper training, consistent practice and proper mindset to use it when the need arises. Without all three of these will do you no good.

Let me say...opinions are free, expertise is not. If you want to give advice, get the training, get the credentials! Your time spent on the range shooting with your husband, or teaching your wife and friends, does not make you an expert.

If you want to get expert for it. Go to a class. Take the course. Practice at the range. Shoot different firearms. Find the one that is most comfortable in your hands. Take part in some Airsoft games. Learn to be the predator and not the prey.

In the long run it will save your life.

PS - The only site I currently read regularly that I would be willing to recommend as a source for good firearms information would be Brigid...that is because she is a TRAINED EXPERT.

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Epijunky said...

As one of those bloggers asking for advice I appreciate this post.

I would never blindly make a purchase for something as personal as a firearm based solely on the suggestion of anyone.

I would, however, go fire a particular model to see how it felt based on someone's opinion.

Am I making sense? I wanted to attempt to put your mind at ease... at least where I'm concerned.

Can I email you? :)

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