Saturday, October 25, 2008


Cameras...they allow us to capture a moment in time. Photographs...they allow us to gaze upon that moment in time forever.

Do you have a photo that stopped time at just that perfect juncture? The one that takes you back to that know the one where you thought every second of every moment was perfect and it was going to stay that way forever?

Do you have that photo that makes you ache to touch the person in it just one more time? The one that crawls so deep into your consciousness it sets your senses on fire? Can you look at it and feel the softness of her skin, smell the sun in his hair or feel his fingers running across your back...maybe even hear the sound of her voice again?

Photographs...they are tangible, the memories they bring us are priceless.


Epijunky said...

I have that picture. I just need to find it and scan it in.

By the way, this was a beautiful post and it's why I feel about photography the way I do.

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh yes :-)

How blessed are we to have them, and how equally blessed are our children as they will have videos too :-)

This piece of writing is very emotive :-)

I See You!