Thursday, October 9, 2008


Though I love the changes with HSMSHS I find I can't access the site from work (yes, I admit I do occasionally work on personal stuff at work). It seems Bess, our internet filter system, will not let me access anything associated with Typepad. It is such a bummer! I will always be almost a day behind checking on everyone unless I catch the word of the day before I go to bed. But I will be checking on everyone!


What do you see out there Sailor?


And if you don't vote...Don't complain about the results


ettey said...

cool pics ^_~.

Jenn said...

Love your "Look" photo and I agree with your comment about the sign photo!

Cheyne said...

Great pics!

Igotmebabe said...

Great shots Lucy, love your "Look"

Sue Nicholson said...

Super shots and I particulary like the sign :-)

Real shame about your Net access. By putting up a HSMS blogroll you could see who has updated, see the word and visit.

I use my blogroll first and then go to the HSMSHS comments if I have time :-) Just a thought.

Sue :-)

Anonymous said...

Both great shots and I love the ocean shot!

I See You!